Command Deck Strategies Part 7: The Coalition and High Director Valken

Written by Jay Lansdaal

Editor’s Note: This is Part 6 of our Command Deck Strategies Series.  We also recommend:

Finally, the long-awaited Valken article is here!

Why did it take so long? To answer that, let’s check in with the notes from the other Commanders’ articles on their Valken matchup:

From Nandi: “…, this matchup should go your way”
From Walsh: “Walsh naturally preys on…”
From Newburg: “We open hitting harder, although we may be outgained in authority…”
From Jochum: “This is a good matchup for Jochum.”
From McCready: “This matchup is really good for you.”
From Le: “Another good matchup for you, …”

Ah. I see.

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Stellar Link? More like Stellar Not!

by Rick DeMille (aka Darklighter)

Ok, Stellar Link isn’t that bad, except when it is. I have found Stellar Link to be the only Tech card that, when used, might turn on you. My therapist said I should write about it, so here I am.

I previously published the article, “Tech Support“, describing my initial thoughts about the Tech expansion and each of the individual Tech cards. I had mostly nice things to say about Stellar Link. Then Stellar Link turns around and stabs me in the back. I guess 2 Trade isn’t enough to secure its loyalty and affection…I digress.

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