Podcast Episode 96: Blob Post

This week, Dustin and Rick review all the latest Star Realms news including:

Commander Decks in the Star Realms Digital App Beta

Reviewing the new KINGDOM Faction from Star Realms: Rise of the Empire
Vastest Updates from the world of Competitive Online Star Realms!

Check here to view all the cards mentioned in this episode.

Tech Support: An Introduction to the Newest Card Type

Star Realms High Alert introduces a new card type: Tech. In this article we’ll discuss this new card type generally, and then each Tech card individually.

High Alert introduces 10 different Tech cards (8 from the Tech set, and 2 more from the Kickstarter-exclusive First Strike set).

Tech Rules

Tech cards are shuffled into the trade deck and included among the cards available to purchase from the trade row.

Like Heroes, when you purchase a Tech card it goes directly into play. Unlike Heroes, a Tech card is not scrapped when used. Instead, the card stays in play for the remainder of the game; you can use each Tech card’s ability once per turn by paying the ability’s cost.

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Custom Set: Definitive Star Realms Edition (Advanced Players)

This is an article originally posted over on Reddit by user b1llyb0nez. Reposted here with permission. Minor edits/tweaks made for readability by TheeMystic.

I wanted to drop in and share my current Star Realms set with you. In recent months I spent many hours playing this amazing game with my friends. In this time I started developing an interest in deck-building, which made me come back to the game with the goal to make a definitive experience. I played with balance, card amounts and all possible variations that might give different angles to the whole setting. This is what I came up with after months of recycling, restructuring and rethinking my approaches.

First off I would like to give me three essential mantras for my set:

  1. Make it fun
  2. Make it balanced and all factions thematically coherent
  3. Easy on surface with big potential for clever plays
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Star Realms: Rise of The Empire – First details

To read our original coverage on this, check out the excellent writeup from last April by our very own Rick DeMille: https://megahaulin.com/2020/04/28/rise-of-empire-the-next-big-thing/

The updates:

The new set, Rise of the Empire is a two player set that tells the story of how the Star Empire was formed in Rebellion to the Trade Federation and predates existence of the Machine Cult and the Blob! This all takes place before the timeline of the Core Star Realms Set (A Prequel!).

There are New Factions! These include:

  • The Consortium: The Wealthier worlds who are in close proximity to the Trade Federation
  • The Kingdom: A Militaristic Monarchy
  • Scavengers – A loose confederation of colonies and smugglers who are outside the area of Trade Federation control in Uncharted Space

This new set will Campaign centered and will be played “Legacy” style meaning that physical changes will be made to cards over the run of the Campaign. These changes will involve Faction stickers that will permanently modify the card (or just use a sleeve).

We’ll talk about the gameplay mechanics and changes in the next update! In the meantime, take a look at these images!