Megahaulin’: A Star Realms Podcast
Join Dustin and Rickard on an adventure through the popular deck building game, Star Realms. Each episode we discuss news, strategy, and a host of other great topics with members of the community. It’s a fun time. Listen in!

Episode 114: Coach Corybear

Star Realms Fans! We’re back after a bit of a hiatus. Come find out where in the universe Dustin and Rick have been!

Podcast Episode 113: Name That Card!

In this awesome episode of Megahaulin, Dustin and Rick are joined by the amazing Derek Aldaryn Thompson who talks about the Requisition Beta, Commander Skirmish Meta Impact and more! Also, it’s time for the Name That Card Showdown between Rick and Derek. Listen In for all the fun!

Podcast Episode 112: Realmswalker Silent Al

This week, Dustin and Rick talk to STAR REALMS and HERO REALMS Legend, Silent Al. Topics range far and wide as we really get to know Alex. If you like gushing about how awesome the Star Realms Community is, this is the podcast for you!

Episode 111: AMA – Ask Megahaulin’ Anything!

This episode, Dustin and Rick respond to numerous mailbag inquiries.  What would we do to improve Star Realms 2.0?  Is it still right to scrap vipers first in 2022? What cards would be Nerf? All this and more answered in this episode!

Podcast Episode 108: Who is Dr. Screecher?

This episode, Dustin and Rick talk about a plethora of News, including an upcoming interview with WWG CEO Rob Dougherty! All this plus the latest updates in digital competivie play news. Enjoy!

Podcast Episode 107: HA! TECH!

Rick and Dustin cover the upcoming Star Realms Digital Update as well as a brief revisit to the High Alert: Tech cards ahead of their pending release!

Podcast Episode 106: Big Brooder

It’s 2022 and Rick and Dustin are back to talk about all things Star Realms. On this episode, deep discussion of the Universal Storage Box with detailed reviews of the bonus cards included in the box. We have a NEW LEGEND: Congrats Thestral!  A new Star Realms comic is on the scene! The bounty on…

Podcast Episode 105: WANTED: Corybear88!

This time Dustin and Rick get back together to celebrate a great dodgeball victory and determine if Jochum should be banned from competitive play. Rick puts a bounty on Corybear88!


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