TheCutter’s Epic Training Blog #4

I am back, and the training continues.


White Wizard Games has formally announced their latest Kick Starter, and it is the highly anticipated Epic digital app! Here are some pertinent resources:

Epic Digital Card Game by Robert Dougherty — Kickstarter

Epic Digital Card Game – Dark Draft

Epic Digital Card Game – Constructed

Naturally I backed it; #251. Included in my package are some event tickets. The announcement referenced in-app tournaments and even chances to qualify for 2017’s World Championship. There is much to learn yet, and I would love to win my way in this year.

Before I go packing my bags, I should probably recap last year’s event.

How did it go competitively? I was humbled. I did get some nice wins. I felt at-least-in all of my contests, including a dark draft against grand champion, John Tatian. I came up against builds similar to my own in constructed. I took an Evil/Sage control/recursion build, which was popular.

The rest? Outstanding. I could gush on all day about the White Wizard crew and their volunteers. I could do an entire separate entry about all of the events. We crowned a new Star Realms Legend in close friend, Dustin Brehmer (Dusto) and our first Hero Realms Legend in regular convention traveler, Julian Shirland (jshirland). I met many Star Realms friends and rivals in person. Dustin Clingman and I recorded two hours of on-site interviews for the Megahaulin Podcast including a full episode exclusive with Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle.

Check that out here:

Podcast Episode 60: State of White Wizard

There is much more out there about the White Wizard Games Fair. Here are a couple of well-made video features. I am partial to the Star Realms bit!

Epic World Championship retrospective

Epic World Championship Finals 2016

Star Realms Retrospective

I want to thank Martin Dickie. He helped in my initial learning of Epic and then again getting around Framingham, where he resides. I was also grateful to meet Tom Sorenson. We continue to learn with his builds today.

So now I am counting down the days.

I do have concerns. I addict HARD. 18000 games of Star Realms has weakened my social agenda. I can’t wait to let Epic kill it off entirely.

Kickstarter backers get to play in March. Next Month!

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