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The Four Basic Card Types
A quick look at the basic types of ships and bases in Star Realms
Deck Archetypes Primer
A short dive into the common types of decks that players build
Buying Strategies
Learn how to answer that ever-present question: “What do I buy?”
The Pace of the Game: Part 1 & Part 2
Some great insights into how the pace of the game should impact your strategy


A Breakdown of Opening Hands & Buys
A data driven look at the how opening hands and initial buys impact games
Navigating a Win Rate Plateau
Advice for how to get out of a rut when you feel like you’re not advancing
The Art of Shuffling Mid-Turn
Tips and tricks for handling a deck shuffle in the middle of a turn



Ever wonder if a card is worth buying? To help answer that question, we’ve ranked each card’s value in the early, mid, and late game and put it into an easy to use app for mobile & web.

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Podcast Episode 106: Big Brooder

It’s 2022 and Rick and Dustin are back to talk about all things Star Realms. On this episode, deep discussion of the Universal Storage Box with detailed reviews of the bonus cards included in the box. We have a NEW LEGEND: Congrats Thestral!  A new Star Realms comic is on the scene! The bounty on […]

Podcast Episode 104: Fodder for Pulverizer

Bit of a delay here in posting this episode – BUT ITS WORTH THE WAIT! We’ve got newly minted Star Realm Legend EAN TEAGUE aka AgentSeto. Yes, that AgentSeto from Ep 103. This is a great conversation that is not to be missed! If you’re curious about the Dodgeball format mentioned, take a look here. […]

Let’s Hunt Unicorns

Everything you need to know about the Unicorn Format By Cory Thomas (IGN corybear88 and known on the Facebook as Daisy Tom) Why is it called unicorn? A unicorn is a rare and mythical creature.  Winning a star realms game by completing missions on your first 3 turns is a rare event (possibly also mythical, […]

Command Deck Strategies Part 4: The Lost Fleet and High Admiral Jochum

By Rick DeMille aka Darklighter Editor’s Note: This is Part 4 of our Command Deck Strategies Series.  We also recommend: Part 1 on Fleet Director Nandi  Part 2 on BioLord Walsh Part 3 on Overlord Newburg Introduction High Admiral Jochum introduces a new card type/game mechanic: Shards. Because of this, Jochum probably has the steepest learning curve – […]


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