Podcast Episode 99B: Blob the Builder

This week, Dustin and Rick complete the preview coverage of the Star Realms HIGH ALERT set. This time discussing the Kickstarter exclusive FIRST STRIKE.

Our one sentence review? BEWARE BLOB THE BUILDER.

All cards discussed in this episode can be viewed in our previous Card Gallery Post.

Podcast Episode 99a: INVASION!

This week, Dustin and Rick review the recently release HIGH ALERT: INVASION pack, card by card. 

You can view all the cards previewed in this episode here.

We also discuss the sibling game of HERO REALMS. Similarities of the game with Star Realms as well as unique differences!
Check out HERO REALMS here.

Podcast Episode 98: Requisition

This episode, Dustin and Rick talk about the new HIGH ALERT: REQUISITION Deck with a focus on Playability, Cost to value and just all around fun/impact to the game.

You can see all the cards mentioned in this episode in our special HIGH ALERT: Requisition Deck Preview

Podcast Episode 96: Blob Post

This week, Dustin and Rick review all the latest Star Realms news including:

• Commander Decks in the Star Realms Digital App Beta

• Reviewing the new KINGDOM Faction from Star Realms: Rise of the Empire
• Vastest Updates from the world of Competitive Online Star Realms!

Check here to view all the cards mentioned in this episode.

Tech Support: An Introduction to the Newest Card Type

Star Realms High Alert introduces a new card type: Tech. In this article we’ll discuss this new card type generally, and then each Tech card individually.

High Alert introduces 10 different Tech cards (8 from the Tech set, and 2 more from the Kickstarter-exclusive First Strike set).

Tech Rules

Tech cards are shuffled into the trade deck and included among the cards available to purchase from the trade row.

Like Heroes, when you purchase a Tech card it goes directly into play. Unlike Heroes, a Tech card is not scrapped when used. Instead, the card stays in play for the remainder of the game; you can use each Tech card’s ability once per turn by paying the ability’s cost.

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