Guide to Online Leagues

This post provides a guide to the various online Star Realms leagues/tournaments played using the Star Realms digital app.  These are all free, fan-created leagues.

Summary of Ongoing Fan-Created Leagues, with more details about each below:

BoardGameGeek (BGG) League

BGG Description: This is the oldest-running online Star Realms league.  The BGG League is a series of simultaneous round-robin tournaments. It is subdivided into multiple divisions which are layered in a pyramidal structure.  The top division is the Platinum Tier; below that are two Gold Tier divisions, four Silver Tier divisions, eight Bronze Tier divisions, and up to sixteen Iron Tier divisions.  Players move up or down between Tiers based on their performance during a season.

Expansions Required: No specific expansions are required, unless, perhaps, if you advance to the higher tiers.

Website: The Main BGG League thread at

How to Join: Post in the BGG Wait List Thread, including your Star Realms IGN, expansion preference, and contact preference.

Commissioner: networktoast, with the help of several division commissioners

Previous Winner: Season 49 Platinum Tier winner(s) – JimmyG

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Star Realms Premier Circuit (SRPC)

SRPC Description: The SRPC follows the pro tennis circuit model.  Over the course of a year the “Circuit” consists of 9 online tournaments (including three Grand Slams) and a Season Final.  Players are ranked according to their performance over the previous 10 events.  Each tournament is run using

Expansions Required: A different combination of expansions is used each event.  To participate in all 10 events of a Season, you must own all available expansions in the digital app.  You are not required to participate in all 10 events, so you can participate in only the events that use expansions you own if you wish.

Websites: 1. SRPC Official Website. 2. Challonge Community. 3. SRPC Facebook Group

How to Join: Join the SRPC Facebook Group, subscribe to the BGG thread, and/or join the SRPC Discord Server to be notified when to register for individual events.  You must also register with

Commissioner: Darklighter

Current #1 Ranked Player: Cbusripper

Previous Event Winner: Eggies (won Event 8 of Season 2)

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Pan Galactic League (PGL) & Nebula Minor League (NML)

PGL/NML Description: The PGL and NML are organized like a baseball season, with each player in a different division.  The PGL is the equivalent of the “major leagues” and the NML is the equivalent of the “minor leagues.”

Players play several 3-game series against each player in their division, as well as one 4-game series against each player in the other divisions.  Players play 2 of these series each week, for a total of 164 games (PGL), or 117 games (NML), over the course of a season.  The top player in each division, as well as a few wild cards, advance to a single elimination playoff.  Players can advance from NML to PGL, or drop from PGL to NML, based on performance.

Expansions Required: All expansions required.

WebsiteBGG Thread.

How to Join: Send a PM to the Commissioner, “Carnie” (BGG id valpocarnie).  He will add you to the wait list.  You will be added to the NML as spaces open up.

Commissioner: Carnie, with the help of AgentSeto who manages the NML

Previous Winner: Season 8 PGL winner – SonofThoth94; Season 8 NML winner – Snugiraffe

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Endurance Challenge (EC)

EC Description: Each player begins with 100 endurance.  Each round players are matched up according to Swiss style rules.  If you win, your endurance does not change.  If you lose, then the differential between your and your opponent’s final scores is subtracted from your Endurance.  Once a player’s endurance drops to zero or below, they are eliminated.  The final player standing with endurance above zero is the winner.

Expansions Required: All expansions except Missions required.

Website: EC Facebook Group.

How to Join: Join the EC Facebook Group.  The Commissioner will post when a new event is starting.

Commissioner: Darklighter

Previous Winner: EC 21 Winner – jshirland

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Star Realms Olympiad (SRO)

SRO Description: Held every 2 years; players are organized into teams and compete in various events for Gold, Silver or Bronze.  Events include “Sprints” (winning in as few turns as possible); “Arkchery” (winning by as close to 50 pt differential as you can); skills events of different expansions; etc.   

Expansions Required: Varies event to event.

Website: 1. Facebook Group  2. Challonge Community  3. BGG Thread

How to Join: Join the Facebook Group (preferred) and/or subscribe to the BGG Thread and watch for updates/news.  The 1st Olympiad is already underway.

Commissioner: Darklighter

Previous Winner: TBD – 1st Olympiad is underway

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Star Realms: Galactic Summit Tournament Series (SRGS)

SRGS Description: A series of typically single elimination tournaments run on a roughly weekly/biweekly basis. Each week features a unique mix of expansions and a special “Challenge” to complete for a chance at a special prize.

Expansions Required: Varies event to event.

Website: 1. Challonge Community  2. Discord Server

How to Join: Follow the Challonge Community and tune into the Discord #org-play-announcements channel for tournament news. Links to the Challonge Community and Discord Server are above.

Commissioner: MarauderMo

Previous Winner: SRGS18 winner rawlinpa

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Star Realms Dodgeball

Dodgeball Description: Star Realms Dodgeball is a team (6 vs 6) star realms format which simulates a dodgeball match. Two teams line up for an initial race for the six game balls, and then players in possession of a ball may throw it at a member of the opposing team.  Winning on a throw by a certain authority margin scores a hit, while losing on a throw by a certain authority margin is a catch.  Anything in between is a dodge with the winner taking possession.  Play continues until all players of one team are out.  Dodgeball is played as pickup matches, and is also played in a league format. Everything operates out of the Star Realms Gymnasium FB group (linked below), where this and other dodgeball related variants are played.

Expansions Required: All expansions required.

Website: 1. Star Realms Gymnasium Facebook Group

How to Join: Join the Facebook Group.  Watch for signup posts to join a league or to join a team for a pick-up game.

Commissioners: bryistupid & CrankyDay

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Sunday Casual Series

Sunday Casual Series Description: Periodic single elimination (usually) events run through the Star Realms Fan Created Community Facebook Page

Expansions Required: Depends on the event.

Website: Star Realms Fan Created Community Facebook Page

How to Join: Join the Facebook Group; register for the Events when they are posted.

Commissioner: Facebook Group Admins

Previous Winner: Sunday Casual 58 winner – Guiannos

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Quickfire (QF)

QF Description: Round Robin to single elimination event, characterized by its rapid pace.  7-9 players are put into 4 groups.  Each player picks a “home” format.  You play each player in your group twice, once in their home format and once in yours.  The top 2 players in each group advances.  Ties are broken first by head to head results, then by your “Quickfire rating” which is a number that rates how quickly you finished your games, i.e., the faster player wins that tie-break.

Expansions Required: All expansions required.

Website: Star Realms Quickfire Facebook Page

How to Join: Join the Facebook Group; register for the Events when they are posted.

Commissioner: Hypaspist

Previous Winner: Quickfire 11 winner – Darklighter

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Tournament of the 8 Admirals (inactive)

Admirals Description: The tournament of the 8 Admirals consists on various sub-seasons in which 8 Admirals are chosen who will challenge the community. In that fight, the 8 contenders that do better together with the 8 Admirals shall fight in a cup format for the championship.

Expansions Required: No specific expansions required, though the number of expansions you play with could factor into tie-breakers.  However, those that earn a spot as one of the 8 Admirals must own all expansions.

Website: BGG Thread

How to Join: Two ways. 1. PM the Commissioner, SonofThoth94 (BGG id Parzival1994). 2. Post in the BGG Thread.  Even though this event is currently in Season 1, you may join any time sine the Season is made up of many sub-events.

Commissioner: SonofThoth94

Previous Winner: None, still in Season 1

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Facebook Tiered League (FTL) (inactive)

FLT Description: The FTL uses a tiered structure similar to the BGG League.  FTL uses for game management.   Full League Rules.

Expansions Required: A different combination of expansions is used each season.  To participate in that season you will need to own the applicable expansions.  For example, FTL Season 12 used W-C2KUA (Colony Wars, Cosmic Gambits, Promos 2, Command, United Heroes, Assault).

Websites: 1. FLT Facebook Group. 2. Challonge Community.

How to Join: Join the FLT Facebook Group and register with  The Commissioner will post a signup thread in the Facebook Group when a new season is ready to start.

Commissioner: Hypaspist, with the help of several tier commissioners

Previous Winner: Season 12 Capitol World Tier winner – rawlinpa (won tie-break over CrankyDay)

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*If you wish to have your event added to this list, please post your league’s info in the comments below.

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