3 thoughts on “Episode 36: Machine Cult Colony Wars Meltdown!

  1. PanicFire

    Great review, guys. Red seems a little weaker in Colony Wars than the original set but I will have to see the other factions and play a few games to know for sure. Would the faction ability of The Incinerator apply to cards that have a self-scrap feature? For example if I play Repair Bot with this base and I scrapped 3 cards this would give 6 damage, but if I also scrap Repair Bot I would get 2 damage from the card and 2 damage from the base so 10 damage total. Getting the additional benefit self-scrapping cards provide as well as 2 extra damage can make this a very powerful attack in some situations.


    1. Adam "CrankyDay" Holbrook

      I think the answer is no. Scrap is a term that has multiple uses, removing cards from the trade row, using an ability of one card to remove another card from your hand or discard, or using the ability of a card to sacrifice itself. The Incenerator specifically says when scrapping from hand or discard. So you can’t get 10 extra damage from screeching the entire trade row or bonus damage from sacrificing your explorers or others cards in play.


      1. dclingman Post author

        This is correct, but if you had a swarm of card that had the Scrap ability, the Incinerator would combo to provide this 2 damage per scrapped card (from hand or discard)


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