WWG Legends Series Recap – Gen Con 2020

Legends Tournament Recap

WWG recently ran an online Star Realms Legends Series Event, on August 1, 2020, the second such event of 2020.  It was another well-run event by WWG.

It began with 96 players battling through 7 Swiss rounds, after which the Top 8 would advance to a final single elimination round.  The winner of that final single elimination round would be crowned the newest Legend!

After the 7 Swiss rounds, here was the top of the standings.

Notable facts about the Top 8:

  • kolok, Tunaslap, and Cbusripper each made the Top 8 at the previous Online Legends tournament in June, with kolok winning that previous event. Impressive! But leave some of those alt-art Scouts and Vipers for the rest of us!
  • Cbusripper‘s and Dusto’s two losses each came at the hands of fellow Top 8’ers: Ominous and kolok in the case of Cbusripper, and Ominous and djnovadmv in the case of Dusto.
  • The Top 8 included two players that are already Star Realms Legends: kolok and Dusto. Ironically, they faced off in Round 1 of the Finals.

In the Top 8, the #1 seed – Ominous – would emerge victorious!

Below are the results of that final stage.  The Top 8 played in a best-of-3, single elimination tournament.

After going undefeated in Stage 1, Ominous continued that domination in Stage 2.

Congrats to Ominous, the newest Legend!

We look forward to seeing his likeness on a future card!

Stay tuned for a future podcast episode, where we hope to talk with Ominous.

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