Card Tier List – Quick Access “App”


If you refer to the Megahaulin Card Tier List from time to time, we’ve created a quick access “app” you can save to your phone/tablet (or access via a browser on your computer).  Here are a few screenshots.


For access, simply click this link.  It will open in a browser, from which you can add the list as an icon to your home screen (see example above).  Here are instructions if you’re not sure how to do that.

No, it’s not actually an “app”; you can’t find it in the app store and it’s not installed. But it’s designed for phones and you can save it to your home screen so it opens on your phone like an app.

Suggestions for features for the “app”?  Let us know in the comments below.

Look for Stellar Allies to be added to the Card Tier List soon!

1 thought on “Card Tier List – Quick Access “App”

  1. minotalen

    hey, I’ve a google developer account. If any of you are able to create an apk from this I’d be happy to publish it to the play store!



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