Episode 64: Two Time Legend

This week on Megahaulin, Dustin and Matt get to interview Jimmy “Ghostlawns’ Morris!! What a huge interview! All this and more in this week’s episode! Check out the Megahaulin Strategy Blog for all show notes and tournament results!

Show Notes

White Wizards at PAX (includes Coalition Fighter Image and brief Star Realms Lore around the origin of the ship)

Star Realms Authority Counter Dice @ Legion Supplies

Survey Ship Story Thread (winner gets a copy of AGES by CrShaner – group join required to review this posting)

Tournament Results

Sunday Casual 36 (112 Players, Double Elim)
Arcesius (Champion)
Domola (2nd)
Cfudge (3rd)
MarauderMo (4th)

Sunday Casual 37 (Single Elim)
Bryistupid (Champion)
AgentSeto (2nd)
WetYeti (3rd)
Darklighter (4th)

Star Realms Cup
Domola (Champion)
WestDaddyUtd (2nd)
Eucser (3rd)
Julian Shirland (4th)

Explorers Cup
TheTexan (Champion)
KenGold (2nd)
Krissymonkey (3rd)
bekstar (4th)



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