TheCutter’s EPIC Training Blog #1 – Matt Newburg


New twitter account @MattTheCutter!

My latest game addictions are going to have to wait. I have played at least three dozen games of Stonemaier Games’ heavily hyped tabletop, Scythe; just since picking it up at GenCon! On the console I have enjoyed at least 100 hours of Rocket League, and had also just started in on the Bioshock Remastered series. My Star Realms obsession is well known, quite literally around the world. But all of it, even ships and bases, are going to take a backseat. To Epic.

I will be playing in the Epic Worlds tournament at the White Wizard Games Fair outside of Boston. This is a tremendous honor. I have posted in related discussion comments that ‘I can’t wait!’ This is a big fat lie. I can not only wait, I need to slow time down. The issue here is… that I have played about 20 total games of Epic the Cardgame.

It’s not in my dna to roll over to competition. If I am going to make this trip, I have to commit. It’s probably preposterous to propose that I could show up to a field of Epic Pros and get anywhere as a novice. These players are proven, having qualified in major convention tournaments all summer long. They have risen above the rest of the Epic Universe. I have yet to beat, or even play against a stranger.

But. I do have five weeks. I do have an applicable experience with constructed ccg’s and lcg’s. I do want to show up with the confidence NOT to be someone’s easy path.
I do have amazing, loyal, capable friends that will volunteer their time and insight. These are the same friends who just recently volunteered many hours preparing me for a rewarding success in the GenCon Star Realms Legend event.

Better go buy a butt ton of Epic.

The Megahaulin’ Strategy Blog has traditionally limited discussion only to Star Realms. Having received Dustin’s permission, I will chronicle my attempt to get good at Epic in time for Boston. I hope you will tag along!

3 thoughts on “TheCutter’s EPIC Training Blog #1 – Matt Newburg

  1. Daniel

    If you need practice, download Cockatrice and join the EPIC Discord channel; several other qualifiers are using it to practice.


  2. Alice

    This is my current game addiction (and has been the last year). I’ve been launching into detailed analysis of this game and making a ton of progress with it. It’s easier to analyze than a traditional TCG because like Star Realms, it lacks a constantly rotating pool of cards. However, it’s hard to analyze just like Star Realms because it is a very intense and deep game.


  3. Wil

    Great to see the coverage. I would love to hear more on the podcast also. Maybe you guys should start an Epic podcast. 🙂

    I also wouldn’t mind Megahaulin becoming an all around White Wizard Games podcast, picking up discussion of Hero Realms as well. The commentary you and Dustin provide is always interesting and insightful.



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