Star Realms Legends Series: Europe

Helsinki, Finland, will be hosting the European location for the 2016 Star Realms Legend series.  This premier tournament will take place on Saturday, July 30th at the Ropecon convention in downtown Helsinki. The event will be professionally run and judged by a top 20 player.

Andrea Joki has volunteered to be your friendly INFO person – please feel free to email with any questions about the event or if you would like advice about travel options, hostels, hotels, etc.

17606694458_eebe622c83_z (1).jpg

A young Star Realms player sets up a base wall at Ropecon 2015

About the convention:  Ropecon, the largest non-commercial role-playing convention in Europe, takes place from 29th to 31st of July 2016 in Helsinki, Finland. Attendance is around 3000 to 4000 people of all ages. The convention is geared toward game enthusiasts: tabletop and role-playing games, as well as in card games, miniatures and board games. In addition to role-playing and gaming centered programs, Ropecon also includes a plethora of lectures and workshops with a wide variety of interesting topics.  It is a friendly environment and most players are happy to switch to English to accommodate non-Finnish speakers. It’s also a place where you can join in games with others just by asking – and there is a large board game ‘library’ from which you can check out games for free (100+ games).  There will also be an Epic tournament on the same day.  The convention runs all night through the weekend.  Ropecon;s website in English:  Note that the program usually comes out about 2 weeks before the event.


A variety of games are played throughout the weekend.  Included are card tournaments for Epic and Star Realms.  Here, playing at Ropecon 2015

Getting To the Location:  Ropecon will take place at Finland’s largest convention center: Messukeskus.  It is located off a large transportation hub and accessible from the airport or ferry harbor for 2 to 5 euros via local train (20 minutes from airport) or bus/tram from the harbor (around 20 minutes as well).  Helsinki is a relatively small city that is very easy to get around – public transportation is efficient and timely and the city regularly voted one of the safest in the world.  In English, you can get a detailed route plan here:


Star Realms play at Ropecon 2015

 Ticket Info: You can buy online (with an EU bank transfer) or at the door. The convention entry fee covers all costs as there are no separate event tickets needed. There are plenty of food options at the convention center as well – from fast food to sit down.

Entire weekend:  35 euros (32e when bought in advance)

One day:  25 euros (15 for Sunday). Children (age 7-12) pay roughly half the price when entering with their parent(s). Younger kids and elderly (over 65 years) have free entry. The cheaper tickets are only available from the door.



Star Realms and Steampunk: Ropecon 2015

About The Tournament:  The Star Realms tournament will be run on Saturday afternoon.  The Epic tournament will be run that Saturday morning.  Players will have an opportunity to play in both tournaments as a result.  Head judge and organizer is Timo Sand.

Star Realms Legend Series Prizes for each tournament:

Place Prize
1st Winner will have their name and likeness on a Star Realms card in a future set and a limited edition Star Realms playmat.
2nd Star Realms limited edition storage box.
Top 4 Signed Megahauler and Ark.
Top 8 Prize promo card.
Everyone A participation promo card for in-person events.


If you have any questions about the tournament, lodging, getting tickets, or sightseeing opportunities in Finland/Helsinki, send me an email to:


Ropecon has a 25+ year history of fun games with great people!



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