Megahaulin Episode 30: What do you mean I don’t have a discard pile?

This week Matt and Dustin cover an incredible amount of news! First we reintroduce the show and the hosts for our new listeners! We cover TWO Machine Cult ships as part of our continuing Colony Wars Preview! Lots of tournaments, including a PAX Champion!

5 thoughts on “Megahaulin Episode 30: What do you mean I don’t have a discard pile?

  1. rocksbg

    I listened to the cast and enjoyed it. I was a little confused by your comments about the potential to misplay this and possibly get DQ’d for that game. I didn’t follow how that could happen, I listened to the show a couple times to see if I missed something. What am I confused on?


    1. dclingman Post author

      Ah! Thanks for asking! When you play in the high level tiers of Magic or other competitive card games, there are sometimes misplays that can happen. In the cast, the reference was to a misplay that occurred as the result of a misuse of the scrap cards. For example, with the new Machine Cult cards, you can scrap from hand OR discard. If you happened to use those backwards in a tournament, it would be a misplay. Perhaps it would be noticed before any hard was done – like a purchase of a card, or a triggered reshuffle, but if it wasn’t, it’s really hard to “undo” the game state and set it back because new information has been introduced. If that happens in Magic, a judge is called over and the offending player will get either a game loss or in some cases a match loss.


      1. John Curry

        Wow! I never realized it was an either or and once you have chosen one avenue you are tied to it for the remainder of the turn. That will make a difference. Unfortunately, the app does not force this issue.


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