Exclusive Colony Wars Preview Part 2!

We continue our Colony Wars preview with a dabble into the Blob Faction this week! We discussed these cards in depth on this week’s episode of the Podcast. Tell us what you think about these cards in the comments below. If you missed them, check out last week’s Preview cards.

First up: The Swarmer!!

Da Swarmer!

Da Swarmer!

This card continues the initial thinking that the meta of Colony Wars is going to be speed. This card helps against early bases, as well as those Turn 1 Double Viper blues… We can also imagine this card having late game implications.

And now for the Big Daddy…




There are no words. This card is a flexible, cheap bomb and a must buy. It works on ships AND bases. The Allied Draw ability is just overkill. What an incredible card to add to the Blob Arsenal!

Our Exclusive Preview of Colony Wars continues next week, so stay tuned!

1 thought on “Exclusive Colony Wars Preview Part 2!

  1. Remy Gibson

    Certainly at first glance Parasite looks overwhelmingly powerful. To be sure, viewing it as a 6 Combat/6 Trade card for only cost 5 is strong. My gut mental comparison was to Patrol Mech, which is 5 Combat/3 Trade for cost 4, and I think the two are comparable. It may look like Parasite’s trade is way higher, but I suspect that over the course of numerous uses, it probably averages out much closer to 3 or 3.5, which would put it right in line with Patrol Mech — and both have nice combo abilities.

    I do love the flavor of it, though. It’s not like a Parasite is spending money to acquire new resources. Nope, it’s just saying, “I’ll take this thing right here, thank you very much!”



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