Colony Wars Preview!

As mentioned in our last episode of Megahaulin, here are the brand new cards for Colony Wars. For detailed analysis and insights, flip over to the podcast. Coverage of the new cards begins at about 3:00 in. Click Read More to see the previews!

First up is the STAR BARGE. This 1 Cost card starts to show a shift in what we have come to expect as a damage and control focused faction. The implication here is that the Star Empire will be playing *fast* in Colony Wars. Unlike many 1 Cost cards, Star Barge has late game implications.


The second card is the SUPPLY DEPOT.  Supply Depot is a 5 butt Outpost that continues to demonstrate the flexibility and reliable nature of the Star Empire. Most 6 Cost cards have late game impact and this one is no different. The faction ability to draw a card really sends this card over the top!


What do you think of these cards? Feel free to drop comments below.

Look for more Star Colony previews next Monday!

4 thoughts on “Colony Wars Preview!

  1. Afterword

    Both seem strong yet interesting. I feel like Star Barge is very strong for a one cost card, actually.

    I’m hoping you avoid power creep with this set, but am excited.


  2. Sándor Kolok

    I wish the Blob cards have artwork like this… (can’t stand that marine-themed bionic design :-))
    On a more important note, these cards are cool, up until now, if I really had to pick one, it’d be SE as my fav suit. Now even more so… 🙂 Albeit that may change in the near future I guess. 🙂

    Until the Imperial Trader, the SE had been an almost completely trade-less faction, I’ve always wondered if it was intentional or rather just some designing byproduct. It seems that this issue – if it was perceived as such at all – will be addressed by CW.


  3. Frank Forkl

    Star Empire really needed a card like Star Barge. A number of the top players on the podcast have admitted to avoiding Yellow unless the trade row forces it. I play the same way, and one big reason is that Yellow gets essentially no buying power, so they really slow you down early game. By adding two new ways for yellow to gain economy, they’re helping to further balance the factions in light of the meta that has developed.

    IGN: Froklsnt


  4. HomerJr

    These two cards are going to add a lot more early game value to Star Empire, which up to this point is mainly a late faction game.

    Star Barge is to yellow what Fed Shuttle is to blue; good for an economy boost when you have $1 left to spend, but inferior to an explorer if you don’t have 3+ of the same faction in your deck to get the ally bonus.

    I see Supply Depot is going to act a lot like Port of Call in the early game, and like The Hive in the late game.



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