BASES (Crisis: Bases and Battleships) • B
Adds new ships and bases with a focus on abilities that care about bases.
  Cards: 12 Ships & Bases


Custom Set: Definitive Star Realms Edition (Advanced Players)

This is an article originally posted over on Reddit by user b1llyb0nez. Reposted here with permission. Minor edits/tweaks made for readability by TheeMystic. I wanted to drop in and share my current Star Realms set with you. In recent months I spent many hours playing this amazing game with my friends. In this time I…

Star Realms Card Tier Lists (incl B&B, F&F, Heroes expansions)

by Scott Heise aka HomerJr Editor’s Note: There is a newer version of the Card Tier List, HERE. [Updated 1/21/2017]  A lot has happened since I originally wrote this card tier ranking almost a year and a half ago. Not only have four new expansions containing 16 new ships/bases been released (B&B, Heroes, and F&F),…

Bases and Bombs: A Guide to playing 1B

  Written by Brad Elkey aka PanicFire With the Legends Series approaching there is a lot of interest in learning and playing 1B since the tournament will be run in that format.  Whenever playing a competitive game it’s important to always be aware of the format you are in and how that affects the gameplay…