Episode 70: Day 1 Banter

Dustin is flying SOLO in this episode while Matt is off saving the universe! BUT FEAR NOT, we are joined this episode by none other than White Wizard Games CEO Rob Dougherty who discusses a ton of Star Realms news including the recently announced STAR REALMS FRONTIERS set! Listen in!!

1 thought on “Episode 70: Day 1 Banter

  1. J. F. Brenner

    Hi I really enjoyed the interview and have gone back and listened to a few other recent episodes. I didn’t become a (board) gamer until about a year ago, and while Star Realms was one of my first of the modern “designer” games, it’s definitely the one I still play the most, especially given the insanely addictive app. I am a podcaster myself, covering and discussing pop and nerd culture across many media, called the BizzleCast. I would love to talk with you guys about gaming if you are interested in being on the podcast — I have a ton of listeners that would be interested in this world, and why an inexpensive and (seemingly) simple game like Star Realms is one of the most brilliant gaming inventions of the past decade. I love games like Lord of Waterdeep, Carcassonne, X-Wing, Game of Thrones, 7 Wonders, Castle Panic, and so on, but to me Star Realms is the best game in its category (deck-building) than any other game in its own category if that makes sense. I’ve never liked CCGs, and to me Ascension is super inferior to Star Realms. I didn’t not love Epic, and I don’t care much for Hero Realms because I only need one 4-faction deckbuilder in my collection. Anyways, drop me a line when you get the chance, check out the BizzleCast in any podcast app or at Soundcloud to see what I’m up to as a podcaster. All the best, Jesse aka the Bizzle



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