SR Thunderballs Dodgeball S7 Awards

Thunderballs is a live video series about Season 7 of the Star Realms Dodgeball League. The show is hosted by SilentAl and Hypaspist, featuring reacaps, roasts, and very scandalous tea. Each episode they give out their own awards for the top players of the round. There is a  Match MVP  from the winning team for each match. The Round MVP is the player who managed the strongest performance across the whole league (It’s usually one of the Match MVPs, but there are exceptions). There is also a  Moneyball  award each round for a player that was drafted late, but played at a high level, providing a exceptional value to their team.

You can catch up on Thunderballs on YouTube, and review the detailed match outcomes and current standings on Challonge.

Catches Galore Team Logo

Catches Galore

Simplysteff  Match MVP  Round MVP (Round 1)

JPRunsfunny  Round MVP (Round 3)
 Match MVP  Round MVP (Round 7)

Sturrock  Moneyball (Round 5)

Dodge Another Day Team Logo

Dodge Another Day

Zimm108  Match MVP (Round 1)  Match MVP (Round 5)

Kinkade  Match MVP (Round 2)

wrip  Match MVP (Round 3)

Corybear88  Match MVP  Round MVP (Round 4)

Dodger Moore or Less Team Logo

Dodger Moore or Less

Saraht & Clevermissy  Match MVP (Round 2)

CbusRipper  Match MVP (Round 4)

Foils Are Forever Team Logo

Foils Are Forever

Chazzmo  Match MVP  Round MVP (Round 2)
 Match MVP  Round MVP (Round 5)

Poopdeck  Moneyball (Round 2)

Tatyana  Match MVP (Round 6)

From Death World With Love Team Logo

From Death World With Love

rawlinpa  Match MVP (Round 2)

Riska  Moneyball (Round 4)

PCLoadLetter  Match MVP  Moneyball (Round 6)

AgentSeto  Match MVP (Round 7)

Lethal is Not Enough Team Logo

Lethal is Not Enough

Ardemus  Match MVP  Moneyball (Round 1)
 Match MVP  Moneyball (Round 7)

BorknBeans  Match MVP (Round 3)
 Match MVP (Round 5)

MarauderMo  Match MVP (Round 6)

License to Overkill Team Logo

License to Overkill

Patriarch215  Match MVP (Round 3)

Tunaslap  Match MVP (Round 4)
 Round MVP (Round 6)

On Her Magesty's Secret Outpost

On Her Magesty’s Secret Outpost

thetexan  Match MVP (Round 1)

Threw To A Kill Team Logo

Threw To A Kill

Acox89  Moneyball (Round 3)

DG3  Match MVP (Round 3)

Politesc  Match MVP (Round 4)

Rhakka  Match MVP (Round 6)

SabelA  Match MVP (Round 7)